Meet the Chef

Charlotte Galley has been a Chef both full and part-time since graduating from Baltimore International Culinary College (BICC) in 1997.  Before that, she worked and volunteered on Capitol Hill for nearly 15 years on environmental issues. Her life-long interest in the environment & localism, combined with her knowledge of food, & food issues, has resulted in her passion for sustainability.  Charlotte celebrates free world trade, and the options it offers while specializing in local, seasonal, sustainable, balanced cuisines, and bringing the skills to cook them to her community.

She is currently the Executive Chef for the 14 West Hamilton Street Club in Mt. Vernon.  Also, the Executive Chef for the newly opened recreational cooking school, Culinary Craft Workshop, hiring & overseeing Chef Instructors, and creating curriculum.

Her zest for food and balance is evident in both her cooking and lifestyle.  She is a mother [to Cammi Galley, a brilliant student at Loyola University Maryland], chef, teacher, bicyclist, journalist, and a volunteer in her community.

I consider myself a Food Reform Activist